Tucson Family Photographer | an evening recap!

So here we are, the first month of the new year has practically zoomed by us and I'm pretty sure I can see Valentine's day from here! Seriously, that was quick! I'm not whining tho, every moment was maximized to max and how incredible these past months have really been! Literally we doubled our fun and frenzy as we continued our expansion into Southern Arizona, we pulled off the holidays in 2 states with just a little sweat on our brow, :) learned liked crazy and never stopped laughing or appreciating! We traveled down to Cochise County and Sierra Vista a whole lotta times for a first birthday, a teen princess, and a bunch of family sessions (our very own family included), and then up to the Rincon Farmers Market in Tucson for model call, several engagement sessions, and more totally rocking family sessions some with dogs! I just love it when pets are included! We used the beautiful desert, rugged mountains, and an antique sofa for the perfect backdrops, created Christmas cards, holiday gifts, family portraits, and were honored to be part of the sweetest court-house wedding. Which by the way, I want a lot more of that! So bring it on 2016, we have just as many surprises up our sleeve for you as you do for us. Next stop, Tucson Air Museum...and beyond!

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