Oahu & Tucson Child Photographer | Sierra Vista "dream big"

Who says you can't take a nap on an elephant wearing a tutu?! We are always amazed and incredibly surprised by the imaginations of kids, they never cease to see life through a much bigger lens and I can't tell you how much fun it all is if you just let go and let them lead you into their story!

This is Eden's story - Eden is an avid reader and a budding ballerina so why not combine her two loves? I mean, after all this is her vision,right? Elephants in the african plain, stories of adventure, sparkly tutus and ballet shoes, sunsets, warm summer breezes, and dreaming big and boy, did it all came together in this one enchanted shoot down by the river!

And so we've been told, this little girl's big dream came to life and will hang in her bedroom for years to come! So here's to super fun adventures, seriously dreaming big, and naps on elephants!

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