Oahu Photographer | Never Thought This Would Happen...

I did it. Something I thought I'd never do. Ask anyone.

After 15 years of island life - a wedding, first and second time home ownership and the birth of one sassy little girl; I moved away from Oahu. It wasn't easy.

Girl looking at the ocean

Emotionally and mentally I am still very much there with my toes in the white, floury sand, gazing out at the most beautiful beaches in the world. Wine glass in one hand, camera in the other and soaking it all in. Currently counting down the days until I can be there physically again.

Running on the beach

Kapolei will always hold a special place in my heart, but the south is slowly growing on me. It is very different but equally as beautiful in it's own way. We've met so many wonderful families, even some from Hawaii! The food is AMAZING and I've had plenty of opportunities to photograph my favorite little girl in her new element.

sassy girl

I know we have a lot of military friends that take this moving around stuff like a champ, hats off to you! Any tips for me to make the south feel more like home would be greatly appreciated! My tip to anyone preparing to depart Hawaii: see it all, do it all, eat it all and take as many photographs as you can stand! Before we left Hawaii, we spent sometime at our favorite resort at Ko Olina, Aulani. Man - if you haven't had the chance to check that place out, definitely do it, it's the love child of Disney and Hawaii, what could be better?!

Want updates on our upcoming trip BACK to OAHU?? Click here to Contact us!

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