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Creative Composites? What are they and how can you be part of a super cool creation? Simply defined composite images are multiple images all merged into one.

multiple images make one beautiful picture!

Composites can be as complex as replacing or changing many things such as the background, the foreground, adding in multiple subjects, removing subjects, and adding layers of color and tone. Or as simple as adding in a sunset or a few more flowers.


Composites bring one's imagination to life, tell a fantastic story and make anything possible. Little girls who dream of reading books with elephants and sparring with panda bears are all possibilities!

dreaming on an elephant's back!

sparring with a panda!

Princesses and sweet Mama’s who assist in letting their little ones imaginations go wild:

a princess and her castle!

So how can you be part of this awesomeness? if you have an idea, an idea you have wanted to bring to life for sometime or something new that just struck you, run it by us! Quite possibly it’s not so far out of reach and how fun would it be to let your imagination go just a bit?

want to see more? Click here: our composites

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