Tucson Photographer | Hurricane Harvey

15 years on an island in the Pacific and not one major hurricane – 2 months in the south: one of the largest hurricanes in recorded history. My timing has always been impeccable, but seriously?

A month prior to Mr. Harvey’s visit I booked a flight outta here to visit a friend in California. Had I known of the impending danger headed this way I would have planned to take my family with me but they stayed and battled the storm and a bout of cabin fever while I gallivanted through Southern California. The guilt was real.

Thankfully, the area of north Houston where we live wasn’t hit very hard. Lots of rain but no major flooding. See that little sliver of safety in The Woodlands, that’s where we live!

I wasn’t around to photograph the storm but was sent some crazy images – this is the park just down the street from our home. One day it looks like it got some rain, the very next it’s nothing but a lake!

Neighbors just to the south of us were not so lucky and many have lost their homes, their cars, and everything we take for granted on a daily basis. The destruction and devastation is really horrifying when you are in the thick of it. Please continue to pray for Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and everyone affected <3

Would you like to help support those affected by Hurricane Harvey? Let’s talk about Hurricane mini sessions with 100% proceeds donated to the cause!

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