Tucson Photographer | Did Someone Say California?!

Because if you did, I'm coming too!

I'd never pass up the chance to hug my bestie, squish her cute baby, embarrass her pre-teen and eat my way through the valley. California has the best food - I'd move back just for that! But in the meantime, a quick visit was just what I needed. I just so happened to visit while Hurricane Harvey was beating up the south and was unable to fly back - which meant two extra days with these beauties!

I love photographing them because they make it look so easy! Little can you see that by then end of this 15 minute session, we were all sweating and exhausted! I'll give you one guess why...yep...this little stinker...

one year old

His cuteness makes it worth the sweat dripping from my brow after chasing him!

He's a daddy's boy for sure - can't believe how fast he is growing up!

And he loves his beautiful mama!

This little stud is a huge fan of YouTube, vlogging (yes, that’s spelled correctly) and all things Hollywood – he’s destined for some sort of internet fame, but first – graduate 6th grade! We thought a little field trip to the walk of fame would be a good way to spend the day and get some fun back-to-school photos for his 6th grade year, after all aren’t these the types of memories we want to cherish forever?


Check out some of this beautiful family's previous shoots with us at Bellies & Babies, Kids & Family and on our home page!

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